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Hello, lovely bookworms! I was tagged by the wonderful ashesbooksandbobs to do the Book Blogger Confession tag! I love doing tags, so feel free to include me in any you have. I was born to answer random questions about books lol.

One disclaimer before we start: These are my opinions. If you like or dislike one of the books I love or hate, awesome! That’s what’s great about the book community. We don’t have to love or hate the same books. Alright, let’s get started!


  1. Answer these questions truthfully.
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Which Book, Most Recently, Did You Not Finish?


I hate this book with the strength of a thousand suns which is why I could not finish it. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice and have read way too many variations on the original. I went into this book thinking I was going to love it. A whole book about the one Bennet sister no one really talks about?? Where do I sign up?

Unfortunately, the author twisted the story into something almost unrecognizable and made a lot of the much loved original characters into completely awful human beings. I read this on my computer and almost threw it across the room. Ughhhhhhh. Needless to say, it got the big ole DNF stamp.

Which Book Is Your Guilty Pleasure?


First off, I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures. Why be guilty about something I like to read for fun? But the closest thing to a guilty pleasure I have would be all the regency romances I read (We’ll talk about the smut another time LOL). Some have ridiculous storylines (but I love them anyways) and some are so well-written they are like pieces of art.

The Duchess Deal is a particular favorite. Tessa Dare does a wonderful job with these types of books. She fully immerses the reader into the relationship and the issues the couple have to face. If regency romances are your thing, you need to check this one out. But if you don’t like to read semi-graphic sex scenes, this is not for you.

Which Book Do You Love to Hate?


Oh Fifty Shades of Grey…I love to hate you. These books are problematic in 100 different ways and are questionably written and yet, I have read the first two books and saw the first two movies (only when they were both available for free lol). I laughed through both of them because some of the dialogue is…hilarious. If someone said to me what Ana and Christian say to each other, I would burst out laughing. And don’t get me started on the overprotectiveness of Christian and the issues with the contract. YIKES

Which Book Would You Throw into the Sea?


Besides Mary B?! lol I am not a fan of Ernest Hemingway. I don’t like his writing style and the way he writes women…not good. I read a few of his stories in college and that was enough for me. I would happily throw his books into the sea.

Which Book Have You Read the Most?


This one is probably incredibly obvious, especially if you’ve read my Sherlock Holmes post. I have read these stories probably more times than any other book I own. Maybe even more than Pride and Prejudice. Sherlock and Watson hold a special place in my soul and whether I need something to help me come down for a panic attack or just want to jump back into their world, these stories are the first ones I go to. (I also might have a slight addiction to buying pretty editions of Sherlock’s adventures. I have…a few.)

Which Book Would You Hate to Receive as a Gift?


Ok. I know a TON of people love these books. I see you all on Instagram (your pictures are beautiful!). But Cassandra Clare and her books are just not my cup of tea. I read the first two books in this series and that was enough for me. If you love them as much as I love Sherlock, awesome. No judgement here. They’re just not for me and if someone was giving me one of these books as a gift, they probably don’t know me too well. (I mean…I do have an Amazon wishlist lol)

Which Book Could You Not Live Without?


Ok, obviously my first choice for this category would be Sherlock but since I already used that, it has to be Pride and Prejudice. I have read this book at least 15 times and am still shocked when Lydia runs away. EVERY. TIME. I’m so focused on Elizabeth and Darcy fighting and getting together that I forget about everything else that happens in the story. I just love their story so much and I definitely couldn’t live without it.

Which book Made You the Angriest?


Can we stop writing alpha male romances for a while? Just for a year or two? Fight or Flight has such an alpha male dude as the love interest and omg is he an asshole. The whole time I was reading this book I was waiting for the actual love interest to show up because it couldn’t be this awful human. But, nope. It was him.

And there is a scene where Ava (the main character) and this asshole are having sex and she realizes that he forgot to put on a condom. So, she stops him and says “hey, condom! You need a condom, sir.” But he doesn’t stop!!!!!!!! *rage* He…what is a good way to put this?? He pushes into her one more time and then he goes and gets a condom. I was furious. Ava is great. She has her shit together. But this dude (I refuse to give him a name lol) is not worth her time.

Which Book Made You Cry the Most?


This was really a toss up between Annelies by David R. Gillham and Every Note Played by Lisa Genova. They both made me cry A LOT. But while Annelies has a few happy moments and ends on a high note, Every Note Played is a cry fest. OMG the tears. It is such a good story and deals with forgiveness and ALS and relationships and if you can handle some tears, you should definitely check this one out. But damn, I was not ready for the amount of sad.

Which Book Cover Do You Hate the Most?


I know The Lost Letters of William Woolf has a different cover now but when I first read it, this is the cover it had and omg…it is BAD. Yes, it represents what the story is about but yikes. The new cover is soooo much better. RIP old ugly cover, this book deserved so much better than you.

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