Sense and Sensibility: Now with Pictures

If you haven’t read Sense and Sensibility…what are you waiting for?! It’s not just a romance, it’s also a story of family and how strong the bond between sisters can be. If you’ve stayed away from the “classics” because you thought they were boring or that you’d have trouble understanding them, you should definitely give the Manga Classics collection a try. Who doesn’t like a book with pictures? And these are really well done. Alright, let’s get to the review!

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Impulsive Marianne Dashwood and cautious Elinor are as different as two sisters could be, yet both are shattered by their father’s sudden Death. Elinor’s attachment to the reserved Edward Ferrars is torn asunder by family opposition and his own dark secret, while Marianne’s brilliant romance with the dashing John Willoughby comes to a tumultuous end in a devastating public betrayal. Can the two sisters overcome these trials to find true, lasting happiness?

Jane Austen’s beloved first novel, filled with romance, redemption and social critique, is brought to life for a modern audience in this gorgeous manga-style adaptation! 

Elinor and Marianne Dashwood have to move with their mother and younger sister to a small cottage in the country after their father dies. They could keep living with their brother and sister-in-law but…they are completely unbearable. So, the Dashwood family goes off to the country. Elinor has to leave behind her romance with Edward Ferrars (her sister-in-law’s brother) and Marianne is upset to be leaving their childhood home.

But Marianne soon comes upon a distraction in the form of a handsome young man named Mr. Willoughby. He saves her after she sprains her ankle when caught in a thunderstorm. From that day on, Marianne can think of nothing but him.

But when he turns out not to be the man the Dashwoods thought he was, Marianne spirals into a deep depression.

Luckily, Willoughby is not the only man they meet in the country. Among the many sociable and gossipy neighbors, they also meet Colonel Brandon. He comes off as a serious and taciturn man, but when he meets Marianne, his soft side seems to come out. If only Marianne wasn’t so fixated on another man.

After tragedy, disappointment, and plenty of sadness, the two sisters do get their happily ever after. It wouldn’t be a Jane Austen novel if it didn’t end with the characters getting exactly what they deserve. The nice, selfless ones get what they always wanted and the selfish, manipulative ones end up disappointed and unhappy.

This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve read Sense and Sensibility but it is by far my favorite. The illustrations are absolutely brilliant. I’ve never seen Colonel Brandon portrayed as tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious, but I am all for it! He kind of has a Castlevania thing going on.

Marianne and Elinor are pictured beautifully and Edward Ferrars could not have been drawn more perfectly. He’s always played by a floppy looking shy dude and that’s how he’s shown here too. He’s a soft boi who, after being away from Elinor long enough, gets a backbone and proposes (This book is over 200 years old. There will be spoilers).

If you have never been able to connect with classic novels, I highly recommend checking out the Manga Classics series. I’ve read the Edgar Allan Poe and the Jane Eyre ones and they;re just as good as this one! I really want to check out the Pride and Prejudice one next.

I am giving Manga Classics: Sense and Sensibility 4 out of 5 stars. If you’ve read Sense and Sensibility already, you’ll love this illustrated version and if you’ve never read it, it’s a fun way to read the Austen novel for the first time.

Manga Classics: Sense and Sensibility came out August 9, 2016.

Thank you to Netgalley and UDON Entertainment for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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