Tea with a Drop of Honey: Love, Loss, and Everything in Between

I LOVE an anthology! What’s not to love? It’s a book of stories in one book. It’s like getting ten books for the price of one! It doesn’t get much better than that. So when my friend, Srivalli, asked if I would review the latest anthology for the writing group she’s in (The Hive), I was like YESSSSSS!

And it’s so wonderful and is a perfect example of why I love anthologies. All the stories are so different and magical and almost every genre is represented in this collection of that I feel like everyone will be able to find a story they love.

But before I talk about everything, let’s get to the review!!

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

After our back to back successful anthologies, ‘Rout 13: Highway to Hell,’ and ‘Blood Runs Cold,’ we decided to bring some hope and cheer in the readers’ minds. With a Global pandemic raging and lives and livelihood in peril, this is our small way of sending some positivity into the world.

This anthology has twenty-eight carefully curated stories from the everyday walk of life; simple stories of ordinary people, like you, me, and the person next door. Some stories will bring you joy, and some will evoke happiness; some might be bittersweet and will make you cry. Some will then compel you to look for magic, because what is life without a wee-bit of magic in it. But we assure you, all these stories will show you that life is indeed beautiful.

The Hive is proud to associate with Prani – The Pet Sanctuary for this anthology. Prani, located in Bangalore, India, is home to over 700 rescued birds and animals. Because of COVID-19, Prani has lost its primary source of income – gate receipts. We, at The Hive, have committed 50% of all proceeds from the sales of ‘Tea With A Drop Of Honey’ towards the upkeep of Prani.

PS: Best enjoyed with a cup of Tea with a drop of honey.

Ok, did I cry while reading at least one of these stories? Yes, but is anyone really surprised?? No lol.

The range of different stories in this anthology is so diverse. There’s romance, historical fiction, literary, and so much more. One story will have you smiling while another will have you sobbing on the couch at 1 AM. Others will leave you in wonder at the perseverance of the characters.

I also really enjoyed that so many of the stories focused on Indian culture and customs. I know next to nothing about Indian culture beyond what I’ve learned in books from other Indian and Indian-American authors, so it was wonderful to be able to immerse myself in more stories about a culture that’s different to my own in some ways, but also the same in others (Parents (good or bad), food being a comfort, and the pressures of life seem to be universal.

There are several stories that include words or phrases that aren’t in English, but based on the context, I didn’t have any trouble understanding what was going on. But each story does end with a glossary of terms so even if you can’t guess what’s going on based on context clues, you have translations and definitions too. Some of the stories even have the translations inserted into the story.

I also SO APPRECIATE how unique some of these stories are. There is one story where the main character is a table and not gonna lie, it’s definitely one of my favorites! I love a good “an object is the MC” story.

There are also some that will make you so emotional. As I was reading, I repeatedly had the thought “oh this next story can’t affect me as much as that last story” and was wrong almost every time. Some are happy and light and some are filled with sorrow.

But while sad stories might be hard to read, I think there is no better reaction to a story an author can ask from a reader than feeling what the characters are feeling. It’s why I never shy away from telling an author that their story made me cry. It shows the writer did a great job getting the emotion across. The writers in Tea with a Drop of Honey did a great job at this.

So if you’re looking for a collection of wonderful widely-varied short stories, you need to check out Tea with a Drop of Honey. Oh and one quick fun fact: the title appears in more than one of the stories which I LOVE. It’s like when the title of a show is said by one of the actors. I am giving Tea with a Drop of Honey by The Hive 4 out of 5 stars.

Tea with a Drop of Honey is available now!

Thank you to The Hive and Srivalli Rekha for providing me with a free eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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