You Have a Match: All the Family Secrets

Y’all, when I saw this book I was like YES, PLEASE. I loved Tweet Cute so I knew I would like this one and I was not wrong. Secret siblings, parental lies, love, friendship, and all while going to camp!

Let’s review!

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

When Abby signs up for a DNA service, it’s mainly to give her friend and secret love interest, Leo, a nudge. After all, she knows who she is already: Avid photographer. Injury-prone tree climber. Best friend to Leo and Connie…although ever since the B.E.I. (Big Embarrassing Incident) with Leo, things have been awkward on that front.

But she didn’t know she’s a younger sister.

When the DNA service reveals Abby has a secret sister, shimmery-haired Instagram star Savannah Tully, it’s hard to believe they’re from the same planet, never mind the same parents—especially considering Savannah, queen of green smoothies, is only a year and a half older than Abby herself.

The logical course of action? Meet up at summer camp (obviously) and figure out why Abby’s parents gave Savvy up for adoption. But there are complications: Savvy is a rigid rule-follower and total narc. Leo is the camp’s co-chef, putting Abby’s growing feelings for him on blast. And her parents have a secret that threatens to unravel everything.

But part of life is showing up, leaning in, and learning to fit all your awkward pieces together. Because sometimes, the hardest things can also be the best ones.

As someone who has taken one of these DNA tests and found absolutely NOTHING new about myself, the idea that I could have found a sibling…OMG. I doubt it would have gone as well as it did in this book.

ok, let’s talk about the amazingness that was this book.

The Characters

Abby and Savvy are complex, multi-dimensional, and clearly well thought out characters. They have so many aspects to them. Savvy could’ve easily fallen into the stereotypical health nut influencer type but once we got to know her, she’s clearly so much more. And Abby could’ve easily fallen into “not like other girls” but she didn’t AT ALL. Ugh, I love them both so much and I love their relationship together. They compliment and fill each other’s gaps perfectly.

I also really like how complicated Abby’s friendships were with Leo and Connie. It wasn’t clear cut and I really like reading stories where friends have issues with one another and how they have to work through them. It’s not only super healthy to show to teens but it’s just refreshing to read over the “we’re best friends forever no matter what” thing. I also LOOOOVED that Abby and Savvy’s friends were also friends with each other. Abby made friends with Savvy’s friends and Savvy ends up friends with Abby’s.

It’s also impossible for me to not like Finn. If there’s a “bad boy” in this book, he’s it and I may be out of my teen years, but I still love that trope like no other. Did I want Abby to actually end up with him??? *whispers* yesssssss. I love how he pushed Abby to have fun even with everything else going on around her.

The Plot

Can you imagine this happening in your life?? Holy shitballs! I mean…I don’t have the best relationship with my parents, but fuck, imagine they’d been lying to you your whole life about a whole ass sibling????? (I still claim that one day, my parents will tell me I’m a witch like Sabrina, but whatever)

I was ready for the showdown between Abby, Savvy, and their respective parents from the very beginning and DAMN, I was not disappointed. THERE WERE SWEAR WORDS!! I was so proud of Abby for just throwing out the “fuck you.” Made me feel like a proud mom lol. The secret was not what I thought it would be but it was very satisfying.

The Less-Than-Great

Ok, this is just a personal thing, but I wasn’t in love with Leo. I didn’t like his possessiveness when he wouldn’t tell Abby how he actually felt. Like DUDE, what are you looking at her like that when she’s with Finn when you can’t get up the goddamn courage to tell her how you feel??? I know it’s realistic for people their age but LEO, don’t be a douche. Abby deserves BETTER. That being said, they did have some very cute moments together.


Overall, I absolutely loved You Have a Match as much if not more than Tweet Cute (and I LOVED that book). The characters, the conflict, the friendships, the sibling relationships, and everything in between. Cannot recommend this enough. 4 out of 5 stars.

You Have a Match by Emma Lord is out January 12, 2021.

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the free eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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