#Love by The Hive: SO MUCH LOVE

Another anthology!! #Love is filled with stories about love and each story is from one of the writers from The Hive. Full disclosure: my friend, Srivalli, is one of the writers and she asked me to review the group’s new anthology and I was happy to do so!!

Alright, let’s get to the review AKA let’s talk about LOVE!!

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Love is known to pull your heartstrings like a puppeteer. And The Hive, along with twenty brilliant writers, takes up the role to bring you this concoction of love stories.

So join us as we read the unwritten story of a moonlight affair. The girl in the forest, whose chance encounter with whispering hues of a technicolor love, brought her out of the cage.
Take me to your heart, Padmini says, her perfume reminding him of the daffodils of the Yorkshire moors, of forsaken flowers and forbidden frontiers. They walk hand in hand into the sunset, hoping to learn love in 30 days; him, thinking of balconies, booze, and breeze shooting with her, while she dances in the rain and whispers, love me in your dreams.
He wonders if that’s an illusion called Love. Is love virtually even possible?
But she refuses and screams, “Silly! It’s crazy, stupid love.”
And they dance until they heave and declare, “Hey! You cannot just end love.”

There is so many forms of love in this anthology. Forbidden love. Lost love. Married love. Sad love. Angry love Young love and love you never expected. Happy endings and not-so-happy endings. And so much more. Really, just pick your favorite trope and it’s probably in here!

There’s also so many different writing styles which I LOVE. It’s one of the best parts of any anthology. With the amount of stories there are, you’re bound to find one that speaks to you or that is told in just the right way that it punches you right in the heart (and quite a few did that for me!).

The ones I especially loved had me laughing, crying, and had my heart growing three sizes lol.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love (this was absolutely wonderful. I saw the ending coming but it’s perfect! If you like second-chance romance, this is FOR YOU!)
  • The Cage (loved how different this was from the others. the ending was like !!!!!)
  • Love Me In Your Dreams (I love how the couple in this are connected!)
  • You Just Can’t End Love (MY EMOTIONS!!)
  • Love, Virtually (I always love a story that shows online relationships)
  • Of Forsaken Flowers and Forbidden Frontiers (so much crying at the end of this one. OMG. I was not expecting that ending but *sobbing* so perfect)
  • Learn Love in 30 Days (cutest story EVER between two teens)
  • Balconies, Booze, and Breeze Shooting (this one is about a married couple and was SO REAL and ridiculously sweet at the end!!)

But all the stories had moments that kept me reading and going from one story to the next!

If you love anthologies or short stories and you love LOVE, you should definitely check out #Love. You can also take a peek at my review of The Hive’s Tea with a Drop of Honey here!

#Love is available now!

Thank you to Srivalli and the rest of wonderful writers of The Hive for the free ebook in exchange for my honest review!

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