Her Country Gentleman: Three Fun and Light Historical Romances

It’s been a while, but here we are…back with a historical romance!! But Her Country Gentleman actually includes three different historical romance stories from three different authors. It’s perfect. They are the perfect length.

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of the audiobook and it was utterly delightful. Let’s talk!

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

‘Spring at Tribbley Hall’
by Sian Ann Bessey

When Charlotte’s grandmother invites her to accompany her to Norfolk, Charlotte jumps at the chance to visit the sea and escape the fuss surrounding her sister’s wedding preparations in London. Lord William Cheston, on the other hand, is most unhappy when his mother informs him that her old friend and a granddaughter are coming to stay. Not only is it lambing season, but he’s also dealing with the mysterious loss of several sheep. The last thing he needs is a child underfoot.

When Charlotte and William first meet, he does not realize that the lovely young lady is the granddaughter in question, and she assumes that the man dressed in work clothes in the barn is a servant. A dinner party at the house introduces Charlotte to some of the gentry living nearby but cannot compare to her experience the next evening, when she and William battle to save the life of a newborn lamb.

Soon afterward, Charlotte stumbles upon a clue to William’s sheep’s disappearance. And when her life is placed in jeopardy, William is forced to choose between saving Charlotte and catching the thief.

‘Love of My Heart’
by Sarah M. Eden

Cordelia Wakefield has never lived anywhere but London and is not overly happy when her family is forced to retrench to a small estate near Teviotbrae, Scotland. An ill-fated game of battledore and shuttlecock brings her face-to-racquet with Sebastian, who runs the home farm at nearby Teviot Castle. What begins as a clash of personalities, expectations, and preferences, soon leads to a friendship neither had expected.
As the magic of Teviotbrae weaves its spell, the possibility of something more than friendship begins to blossom. But what future is there for a lowly farmer and a London lady?

‘Miss Smith Goes to Wiltshire’
by Rebecca Connolly

Martha Smith wants to marry for love, and will not be persuaded otherwise. She is highly sought after in Society for her beauty and status, but refuses to consider any suitor whose only claim is that his prospects meet with her mother’s approval. Her widowed mother has had enough of Martha’s romantic sensibilities, and is sending her to stay with unfortunate cousins in Wiltshire to show her that marrying for love is a risk that is too great.

Benjamin Steele, Lord Hillier, is working on his new and dilapidated estate when he first catches sight of the striking Martha Smith. Becoming Lord Hillier has only brought him a house that needs significant repairs, tenant farms that had been abandoned, and only the money he’d already possessed. He wants meaning in his life, and he’s more than willing to work for it. Though worlds apart in all else, on this point they can agree: a life of meaning would change everything.

I think this will work best if we go story by story, so let’s start with Spring at Tribbley Hall by Sian Ann Bessey.

This was wonderful! I loved the romance as much as I loved the action. There is a hunt for a sheep thief and shit gets dangerous!! If you like some danger with your sweet AF romance, this is definitely one you want to read. Charlotte and William are delightful.

Next up is Love of My Heart by Sarah M. Eden. If you like stories where the heroine whacks the hero with a badminton racket, you need to read this. LOL. Don’t worry. He only ends up with a bloody nose. It’s wonderful. Cordelia is horrified, her sister loves every minute, and Sebastian is…well, in pain.

But after that incident, there is also Sebastian and Cordelia fighting for what’s theirs and I don’t only mean each other. Sebastian’s uncle has slyly refused to acknowledge who he is to him, but with the help of Cordelia and a little bit of courage, that’s all about to change. Cordelia, on the other hand, loves drawing but her parents hate that she does and are willing to throw away her art supplies to get her to stop. But with some help from Sebastian, she’s able to get away from them.

Finally, the book finishes off with Miss Smith Goes To Wiltshire by Rebecca Connolly. She is sent off to stay with her “unfortunate” cousins but actually, they turn out to be a whole lot better than her parents. And it doesn’t hurt that she also meets Benj. They fall in love the more time they spend time together and they think they have plenty of time since Martha is supposed to stay for six weeks, but then, her mother tells her to come back IMMEDIATELY and their time is up.

But despite his misgivings and his doubts that he is not enough for her, he decides he cannot live without her. The ending of this story is PERFECTION!!!!

If you like historical romances and are looking for a quick read, you need to check out Her Country Gentlemen. Oh, and if it matters…every story has sheep in it 🐑.

Her Country Gentlemen is available now!

2 thoughts on “Her Country Gentleman: Three Fun and Light Historical Romances

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this anthology, Sarah. I enjoyed being in the country for a change and thought the authors did a great job as well. I am looking forward to the next Timeless Romance collection, To Kiss a Wallflower in June.

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