Read Books By Black Authors the Whole Year: March-November Releases

The official Black History Month may be over, but that doesn't mean any of us should stop reading books by Black authors or learning about Black history or donating Black people or organizations that help them. So, here's all the books by Black authors I could find (definitely not all of them) that are coming out this year!

My Most Anticipated October 2020 Book Releases

OCTOBER IS HERE!! What?? How?? I have been doing nothing but reading, working, and looking at Halloween decorations that I won't buy (or maybe I will...). But since it's October, it's time for my most anticipated book releases! Some are books I've been waiting months for while other are ones I just found out about when researching this post (yes, I research because I'm a nerd and if a book isn't on Twitter or bookstagram or I miss it, I want to know).

Books Coming Out While We’re Social Isolating: A List

How is everyone? Tired of being at home? Or maybe you're a doctor, nurse, or grocery store worker and wish you were at home? Whatever your situation, we all like to read (would you be here if you didn't??). Unfortunately, the coronavirus means a lot of book events and conventions have been cancelled and authors… Continue reading Books Coming Out While We’re Social Isolating: A List