The Lady’s Guide to Death and Deception Blog Tour: Review

Oh look! A Pride and Prejudice retelling/spin-off. Who would have thought such a book would be on this blog??? Lol. How many times have I talked about how I want to read all the Pride and Prejudice retellings?! Well, I never thought I would find a book (let alone a series!) where Mary Bennet is a British spy but here we are. I loved reading this book!

The Mad Girls of New York: Telling The Truth Can Set Others Free

I've written about it here before (probably years ago now), but I will pretty much read any book that has anything to do with Nellie Bly. I first learned about her in an abnormal psychology class in college and I have been interested in her ever since. So when I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it. And luckily, it was exactly what I wanted it to be! Let's discuss!

A Lullaby of Witches by Hester Fox: The Power of the Past

This is a tough review to write. To say I loved Hester Fox's The Witch of Willow Hall and The Widow of Pale Harbor would be an understatement. They are gorgeous books. Hester Fox has put out two books since then and...I haven't loved either of them half as much. It feels like her writing has changed or something. I don't know. But let's discuss her most recent book: A Lullaby of Witches.