Shelley and the Unknown Lady by Lona Manning Blog Tour: Interview & Giveaway

Blog tour time!! As soon as I read the synopsis for Shelley and the Unknown Lady, I knew I wanted to feature it in some way on my blog. I studied Shelley (both Percy and Mary) and Byron in school and I've always had a soft spot/fascination for them, so seeing this historical fiction look at his life and possible love...I was allll for that!

In A Holidaze: Cozy Christmas, Drama, and Time Loops

Ok, let's start with a disclosure: I have a love-hate relationship with Christina Lauren. I love one book and then the next one comes out and I'm like meh or I hate one of the characters. I think I was the only one that was just meh about The Unhoneymooners (HE DIDN'T TRUST HER!!!). And that pattern seems to be continuing because since I didn't like their last book, I LOVED THIS ONE.

My Most Anticipated October 2020 Book Releases

OCTOBER IS HERE!! What?? How?? I have been doing nothing but reading, working, and looking at Halloween decorations that I won't buy (or maybe I will...). But since it's October, it's time for my most anticipated book releases! Some are books I've been waiting months for while other are ones I just found out about when researching this post (yes, I research because I'm a nerd and if a book isn't on Twitter or bookstagram or I miss it, I want to know).

Carry by Toni Jensen: Powerful Memoir on Indigenous Women, Stolen Land, and Guns

I don't read a lot of memoirs. I don't read a lot of nonfiction (although, that has been changing this year). But when I got an email from the publisher about Carry, something about the synopsis drew me in. And with the assurance that the publisher would also be sending copies of the ARC to Indigenous reviewers (I will be listing as few at the end of my review), I decided to download it and review it. I was not disappointed.